Tuesday, June 14, 2011

6/12-Derek Lin and Tao

Derek Lin - Tiger Mother S.O.B.
I was abused and tortured as a child up until adulthood. That was when I finally was able to break free of my oppressive mother. No human being should go through what I did. Now I am devoid of
social skills, I have an anxiety disorder, and I have asperger's syndrome which I found out only compounds problems that my mother exacerbated It is all thanks to my mother who brutalized me with her parenting. That is what this book is about. I want to show the world what I think from a Chinese perspective. It is not to defame Asian mothers or those who raise their children in a disciplined manner. Rather it is to clarify the trauma and negative effects of one upbringin
g. This side has never been seen before in this manner. It is not often expressed by Asians being that culturally speaking, conformity is the norm where those who are repressed are forced to pent up their suffering and receive hostility from others who perceive them to be scum. Therefore I hope you can appreciate this book and that if you or someone you know is being treated this way that this will help you or them, to escape, defy, and resist such inhumane treatment. My dark sense of humor in this book was and is necessary to prevent myself from going completely insane but I hope that you can glean some pointers on how one can diffuse difficult situations with humor.

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