Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 15 Guest: Carla Malden

Carla Malden grew up in Los Angeles, graduated from the Oakwood School in North Hollywood, and later graduated Phi Beta Kappa and Magna Cum Laude from U.C.L.A., with a B.A. in English. She worked in the film industry, both in production and development. Later, she and husband Laurence Starkman wrote 12 feature-film screenplays, worked as rewrite guns-for-hire on various projects and penned and produced the short romantic comedy WHIT & CHARM, which won several awards. They also wrote and created a series of Cine Golden Eagle Award-winning art history films. She is currently completing her first novel—as well as a children’s book illustrated by her daughter, Cami Starkman, who attends the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. Her web site is

Along with her father, Academy Award-winning actor Karl Malden (A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE), Carla also co-authored his critically acclaimed memoir, WHEN DO I START?, published by Simon & Schuster.

Emmy-winning (HUFF) actress Blythe Danner declares, “I truly want everyone to read this glorious book. Carla Malden traces her awful journey with such precision and care, expressing the emotions between the exhilaration of hope and the darkness of reality so powerfully that her eloquence turns grief into poetry and enlightenment. As a consequence, we evolve with her into a deeper understanding of what love and the human condition are.”

“Malden has done something wonderful, important, moving, truthful and wise,” says author Donald Spoto (POSSESSED: THE LIFE OF JOAN CRAWFORD). Children’s author Susan Cooper (THE GREY KING) calls AFTERIMAGE “a haunting story of love and loss, and a demonstration of the courage required to put a broken life together again.”

“There is something life-affirming about turning the most devastating experience into art,” Carla says. “The process is empowering and gives you the beginning of some forward momentum. From being thrown into the crucible of widowhood, I was forced to discover how strong I am. Today, nearly four years after Laurence’s death, I have built myself a wonderful life—though it was constructed around a giant hole.”

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